The Best Idea Since The Indian Canoe

About Us

Wilson Pontoons, Inc. began in October 1997 distributing dock floats and
23-inch diameter pontoons. We now have 24-inch diameter and 36-inch
diameter pontoon modules representing most common applications: pontoon
boats, houseboats, barges, floating platforms, docks, dredges, and floating
houses. Our products are great for replacement pontoons for boats whose old steel or aluminum tubes are leaking or for adding a middle pontoon for boats that have added more weight in the form of larger engines, built-ins, or accessories. Wilson has design capabilities in products such as these or other rotomolded applications unique to the marine industry.

Our Partners

Wilson partners with marine designers, architects, plastic engineers, tool designers, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and manufacturers unique to design goals and parameters for our customers.