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Our Pontoons in Action

Pacific Pilothouse Classic Full Caddy small photo

Pacific Pilothouse Classic Full Cuddy

Miami, FL, USA | more photos

33' x 8-1/2' Cuddy with 175 HP Engine one piece composite deck supported with 3, 24” diameter tubes

Kona Catamaran small photo

Kona Catamaran

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA | more photos

Mobile Marine Helipad small photo

Global Air Group Mobile Marine Helipad

Miami, FL, USA | larger photo

25 ft X 25 ft Mobile Helipad utilizing 3 tubes, 36” DIA modules with 2, 115 HP engines for propulsion. This is the first mobile helipad licensed in the U.S and is located in the Miami Bayside Mall area.

Diver Support Platform small photo

Diver Support Platform

Delaware River, USA | more photos

Features twin 115 HP Mercury 4-stroke and 4-mooring spuds. Supports a crew of 9 which comprise two surface support dive teams, boat driver/pump operator and in-field QC tech. Utilizing 36-inch diameter modules.

Utility Barge small photo

Utility Barge

Oahu, Hawaii, USA | larger photo

25'x13' and was built by The Nature Conservancy to remove alien algae from the waters of Kaneohe Bay on the island of Oahu. Utilizing 36-inch diameter modules.

Rainy River Barge small photo

Rainy River Barge

Baudette, MN, USA | more photos

Utilizing 30-inch diameter modules

OEM Boat small photo

OEM Boat

Melbourne, FL, USA | larger photo

Utilizing 24-inch diameter modules

Demo Boat small photo

Demo Boat

Elkhart, IN, USA | more photos

Utilizing 24-inch diameter modules

Drilling Barge small photo

Drilling Barge

Manatoba, Canada | more photos

Drilling barge utilizing 23-inch diameter modules in a configuration of four rows of 35 ft. pontoon logs

Coney Island Hot Dog Boat small photo

Coney Island Hot Dog Boat

Florida, USA | more photos

Floating hot dog "stand" supported by three 32 ft. logs made up of 30-inch diameter pontoon modules. Replaced aluminum pontoons.

The Lady Claire small photo

The Lady Claire

Lake Charles, LA, USA | more photos

Floating restaurant. Replaced aluminum pontoons.

Houseboat small photo


New Mexico, USA

Houseboat application replacing aluminum pontoons (30-inch diameter)

Fuel Dock small photo

Fuel Dock

Juneau, AK, USA | more photos

120 ft. length dock utilizing thirty 8 ft. pontoon modules

Dredging Barge small photo

Dredging Barge

Cleveland, OH, USA | additional photo

7.5 ton dredging barge using 30-inch diameter pontoon modules configured to four rows of 24 ft. logs

Diving Boat small photo

Diving Boat

Jupiter, FL, USA | more photos

Used for searching for sunken ships and treasure. Two 33 ft. logs made up of 24-inch diameter pontoon modules (8 ft. bow, 12 ft. middle and stern modules)

The Manasquan small photo

The Manasquan

Flemington, NJ, USA | more photos

The Manasquan, a gull-winged, quatro-pontooned, self-propelled vessel, is rigged to accommodate a drill rig and to support the collection of 20-foot, continuous sediment vibracores.

20 ft Pontoon Boat small photo

20 ft Pontoon Boat

British Columbia, Canada | larger photo

Waste Water Evaporator small photo

Waste Water Evaporator

Jamaica | more photos

Go-Getter small photo

Marine Transporter/GO-GETTER

Homosassa, FL, USA | more photos

Autonomous Survey Vessel small photo

Autonomous Survey Vessel

San Francisco, CA, USA | larger photo

2, 16 ft, 24" diameter tubes for autonomous survey vessel that will be mapping out the seafloor bottom under the Golden Gate Bridge